Spammers and Scammers may leave the building….

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Real talk time…..

•There is no get rich scheme with network marketing else we’d all be millionaires by now. I know Ivan on Instagram is cute and he has an amazing way for you to get rich, but you need to say NO

•There are no instant lead funnels that will make any money for anyone but the person you are buying the leads from, and the people who sold them the system.. guess who it wont help in their business… hmmm I’m waiting on an answer here….

•Email processing is a scam. It just is.. don’t do it…

•If someone is not prepared to tell you what company they are with until you’ve gone through some super secret opt in that you’ve just given your 1st born for, you should probably walk away at ‘message me for details’.

•If you spam people’s FB page, Instagram feed, Google+ posts or Twitter with ‘heh do you want to make an extra $500 / month? – hit me up’ you will 1. never build a team and 2. be doing the same thing thing you are doing now with another company in a months time when this BS didn’t work out for you and you blame the company. Oh and I’d love to ‘Hit you up’ but not in the way you are looking for.

•If you add people to groups / events without asking don’t be surprised when they report you to FB and you end up in jail. Guess what? we all have nail wraps, mascara and jewelry reps on our friends lists.. why would we buy from you? It’s not rocket science.

•We just became ‘friends’ and you PM me your whole comp plan, this months offers and why I MUST join your team… we just met… I feel violated… and dirty… and now I’m going for a shower, but not before I un-friend and block you so you can’t hit up my friends list!

Lastly I want you to practice this every morning in your best British accent..

I will not fall for the codswallop, tosh, flannel, nonsense and clap trap I see everyday on social media. Instead I will work on relationship and friendship building and when I master these skills and teach my team the same we will all flourish.

Love you all (except the scammers and spammers)




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