Being the best version of YOU…

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I absolutely love this image. The first time I saw it it completely resonated with me.

We are all influenced by our surroundings and this molds and forms us as people.ย The places, things and most of all the people we surround ourselves with can have a great affect on what we do.

In this competitive industry of live we have only one sure thing that we have 100% control over… OURSELVES.

Sometimes we find ourselves mimicking or following the people we want to be like, but we are like fingerprints… we are all unique and different. No one is out there like us now nor will there be in the future, so we owe it to ourselves to be the best that we can possibly be.

Stop chasing other people’s dreams.

It’s the only way you can achieve your own.

There is nothing wrong with chasing things, aspirations are good, but sometimes they can be such daunting goals that we find ourselves flustered trying to attain them.

The trick is not thinking about them.

Don’t chase money, chase success… with a sound business model, and a propensity to work hard money will come… for some it will take longer than others, but stick to the model and it will.

Plant your seeds and they will eventually yield crops.

Are you comfortable in YOU?

What makes you tick?

What do you really like (not what you think you should)

Write down what your perfect week would look like… be idealistic, you can achieve your dreams. What many of us find is that when we write down our favorite things, most of them are not unattainable or a lot of money. Once you identify the things that are important to you it’s easier to be comfortable in yourself.

What are your non-negotiables? ย Again.. identify and move on…

Convey the real YOU!

If you can find out who you are and be yourself, you will be happy.

Happiness is the easiest and most natural thing to communicate to others. Happiness is contagious. People spend all of their lives looking for it.

A smiling face is an open face.. be the person they remember for a smile rather than a frown.


No one will care about how much your shoes cost or what type of car you drove if you’re not nice.

How’s this for the most perfect quotation – a truer word never spoken.

Maya Angelou, self confidence, plexus independent ambassador, being the best you can be, gary vanerchuk, clare jones


I hope that if I ever cross your path that I make you smile and bring some joy to you that day ๐Ÿ™‚


My name is Clare L Jones. I’m a wife and mom to a 4 legged hairy son(!). I make my money as a Plexus Independent Ambassador.ย I give back to the Plexus community by providing free Social Media training (some of which you can find HERE)



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