Creating Friends Lists on Facebook

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If you use Facebook as a business tool you will find that you will become friends with lots of people in your own company and your Facebook news feed will be come clogged with posts from your new ‘friends’.

You are then missing out on what your actual friends and family are posting. Unfortunately this doesn’t give you much opportunity to get involved, comment and interact.. not only are you missing out on what is happening with them, you are also (and this might be a little cynical) but you are missing out on drawing them in to what is going on with your life.

Creating Facebook Lists is the quickest way to make sure you are connecting with people on a daily basis who are outside of your business.

Here’s a short video to help you set your lists up.



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My name is Clare Jones, and I run FREE Social Media Training for online marketers from my Facebook page and Iā€™m an independent ambassador for Plexus health and wellness products,Ā Learn More HEREĀ ā€“ and I love cooking!

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